Company Background

Silicon Wafer

Ardeo Systems was formed in 2003 with the vision to fulfill the needs created by a rapidly evolving semiconductor market. We were able to foresee the opportunities that are created with each major technology cycle. The continuous expansion and contraction of the semiconductor chip market and subsequent Fab closures has made it difficult for front end equipment OEMs to continuously provide the necessary level of support for their installed base. The unfortunate reality of limited engineering and service resources and the difficulties associated with supporting obsolete equipment has changed the way the industry does business.

Ardeo Systems is committed to helping you continue to maximize the performance of your equipment assets. We recognize that capital equipment budgets may be limited for the manufacturing of mainstream products and that you have a job to do with the hand that you are dealt. In response, we have formed a group of engineering, process, service and repair professionals to provide solutions to these problems. We specialize in maintaining and redeploying semiconductor equipment for the semiconductor chip and the emerging MEMS markets.